CFA Course Level 2

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About The Level Two Course

Description: The CFA Level 2 intermediate award in Aromatherapy as an Aromatologist course who is intended to practicing without perform hands on body work.

This course builds on information from the level one course. There are 30 essential oils that student learn about. The course goes into more depth about the oils, including essential oil profiles, chemical constituents of each oil, contraindications, considerations for each body system when using oils, and more. Participants will learn client assessment and consultation skills along with blending a synergy for therapeutic reasons.

The Level 2 has 6 modules. The final exam at the end of each module which consisting of multiple-choice, true & false questions and case studies. It usually takes students 45-60 minutes to complete.

  • Correspondence Only
  • Length of Course: 1 year
  • Fees:CAD$599
  • EO Kit:Student will receive a FREE [CFA Level TWO promotion set] with FREE shipping (Canada only). You are saving CDN$400
  • Exam time:max 45 minutes for 20 multiple-choice questions on each module.
  • Passing Grade:65% in final score 
  • CertificationLevel 2 Certificate. Successful graduates will be eligible to apply for professional insurance and membership in the CFA as a Certified Aromatologist and membership in the NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, USA) as a Certified Aromatherapist

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