Welcome to Artiscent International Holistic Institute

For the past decade, the Artiscent International Holistic Institute (AIHI) has provided a growing number of workshops on aromatherapy. As AIHI grew, it became clear we needed a new structure to continue offering high-quality educational programs while allowing us to expand and improve the program’s structureto meet the needs of market demand for our students. Students will find our classes to be intellectually stimulating and competitive whilst providing the academic and professional skills training required for success.

 AIHI is approved & recognized by CFA

Since the founding in 2004, we now have trained many students worldwide. AIHI is a British Columbia registered establishment. We are offering training programs in Holistic Aromatherapy to prepare practitioners in the art of hands-on healing with essential oils for self-healing and healing of others.

The program is recognized at international studies levels. Whether you envision a career as a professional aromatherapist, spa practitioner, and spiritual counselor or continue your education for self-enhancement, our goal is to provide quality education in wellness and health-related therapies.

We invite you to join us to discover a natural world of holistic health therapies.

Join us and get involved in this pioneering work that is transforming and reshaping our healthcare industry to a newer model of holistic natural health care.

 An in-depth aromatic program designed around one of today’s fastest growing holistic therapies


The AIHI Holistic Aromatherapy course is designed to educate students who want to become a professional Aromatherapist.

The program encompasses in-depth knowledge of aromatherapy, focusing on creating therapeutic blends in a safe and supportive environment, learning unique therapeutic massage techniques, and performing high-quality client consults and assessments fit for employment in high-end Spa / Clinics.

Upon successful completion, students will be able to exhibit proficiency in practical aromatherapy techniques, have detailed comprehension of essential oils, and at all times – present and future – engage in a code of conduct beneficial to their clients.

 The AIHI core curriculum is based on the Canadian Federation Aromatherapists Association educational model. This program provides hands-on techniques that students will find intellectually stimulating and competitive whilst providing the academic training required for success.

Graduates will be qualified to apply for a professional membership in the CFA, International Federation of Holistic Therapists, the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, and many more associations worldwide.

Why take a CFA aromatherapy course from AIHI?
  1. We teach aromatherapy at an industry level. We are one of the most comprehensive natural holistic programs in Vancouver, Canada, offering up-to-date essential oil blending methods and providing hands-on training for accurate application of learned methods.
  2. All courses and workshops are well designed for international students who want to become international certified therapists.
  3. We connect spas in many countries, and provide internship opportunities for students who want to gain overseas work experience.
  4. CFA Advanced Level is a hands-on in-class course. We keep the class sizes small with interactive creative learning mechanisms in order to provide an enjoyable learning environment
  5. Training is given by qualified / experienced Instructors who are also successful practicing therapists in their own profession.
  6. We offer in-depth self-enhancement and career development by holdinga high standard of performance.
  7. Each course design is easy to follow, updated with the latest information, and is cost effective
  8. After completion of each course, a pocket copy certificate of completion will be emailed on the same day.
 Why are all courses designed for International students?

First, we train students to become internationally recognized Aromatherapists. Our course materials are designed to be easy to follow for those who have English as a second language. Each module includes review questions and assignments for consolidating information and testing one’s knowledge.

Second, the techniques taught in our classes come from traditional Japanese massage, and by the end students will be able to incorporate these techniques into their own massage practices.

 What about the CFA exam? 

At the end of each CFA course level there is an exam. Upon successful completion of all levels, AIHI will be sent a certificate from the CFA in Ontario, Canada. This represents a formal qualification in aromatherapy and use the title “CFA Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioner (CAHP)”.

We will prepare you for these exams.  Our PASS RATE for the Level 1 Foundation is 98%; Level 2 Intermediate, 90%; and Level 3 Advanced, 95%.

Who enrolls in this program?
Those who are new to the subject and are interested in obtaining professional training in an Aromatherapy field
  1. Those employed in an Esthetics/Spa industry who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  2. Those interested in seeking employment in the Aromatherapy field
  3. Those seeking to become certified aromatherapist in international recognized level
  4. Those intending to safely use Essential oils for family or friends

As a result of operational efficiency and low overheads we are able to offer our courses at extremely competitive prices. So go ahead to register NOW.

The CFA Level three advanced level is only offering in class training. Have a look at the course schedule and register today. Hands-on classes fill fast and are recommended by many.

When you register online, your credit card will be charged the full price. The price includes the course material, exam review, exam fees, certificate and shipping costs. All course tuitions are 100% non-refundable, non-transferable either toward another course or another person. If you have any questions, please email us.

 Career Opportunities

Graduates are eligible to apply for a professional membership of the Canadian Federation Aromatherapies Association (CFA). Membership of the CFA entitles individuals to be registered as an Aromatherapy Health Practitioner CAHP. As a registered CAHP individuals can have their own practice of work as a certified aromatherapist in a natural health practice. The Artiscent Aromatherapy program will provide you with the skills and experience to embark on a variety of rewarding careers:

  • Private practice
  • Aromatherapy products retailer /distributor
  • Community educator
  • Practitioner within an integrative clinic
  • Community care environment
  • Practitioner within a multi-mode natural therapies clinic
  • Spa Aromatherapist
What to expect

The series includes the CFA Level One fundamental, Level Two intermediate and Level Three Advanced Award in Aromatherapy. Students must successfully complete each level before continuing on to the next one.

You will notice that each module includes review questions and glossary of terms. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource to enhance your memory of key points in the module. They will help you complete each assignment and help to focus your studying for the exam.

As soon as you register you will receive an email with a link to an online study guide. Please read the guide carefully.

Level one & two: On-line / Correspondence course

The online course is self-paced. Participants may pause or leave the online course at any time.

  • The CFA Level One Fundamentals in Aromatherapy course is ideal for the absolute beginner or those with basic knowledge of aromatherapy
  • The CFA Level Two intermediate Aromatherapy course goes into more depth about essential oils, and provides the skills necessary for client assessment and appropriate blending of oils. It is ideal for those intending to practice aromatherapy.
Level three: In Class: Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage
  • The CFA Level three advanced Aromatherapy course is for serious practitioners who wish to pursue a career in operating an aromatherapy business.