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  1. Botanical name:Melaleuca quinquenervia 
  2. Family: Myrtaceae 
  3. Origin:This large evergreen tree is native to Australia, New Caledonia and the French Pacific Islands
  4. Characteristics: Colorless, pale yellow or greenish liquid with a sweet, fresh. Steam distillation of the leaves of plant 
  5. Blends well with:Coriander、 Fennel、  Juniper、  Lavender 、 Lime、  Pine、  Peppermint
  6. Common Uses:  
    – Niaouli is considered an excellent antiseptic for treating pulmonary infections such as bronchitis, catarrh and sinus.
    – Niaouli is a strong anti-allergenic if used carefully and it’s good against all types of infectious agents
    – Generally stimulating and uplifting the mind and spirit. It is clear the head
  7. Precautions: 
    Avoid during pregnancy
    – Avoid on small children