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  1. Botanical name: Helichrysum angustifolium
  2. Family: Asteraceae / Compositae
  3. Origin: Native to the Mediterranean region, it is cultivated in Italy, the Balkans, Spain and France
  4. Characteristics: Pale yellow to reddish-amber color with a rich, spicy-sweet, honey-like aroma
  5. Blends well with: Bergamot, German Chamomile, Clary sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Geranium, Neroli, Orange, Rose, Rosewood, Yarrow
  6. Common Uses:

    • Helichrysum or Immortelle oil has traditionally been used for its anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating, pain reducing, aid in the repair of swollen or weak veins. 
    • Helichrysum is used for healing  and repair scar tissue, stretch marks and wounds of all kinds.
    • Helichrysum is used in skin care products for its skin-rejuvenating properties and its soothing effects on sensitive and inflamed skin.
    • Immortelle helps in detoxification from alcohol, drugs and nicotine, releasing the body and mind from addictive patterns.
    • Helichrysum’s ability to heal emotional scarring, enhance the flow of subtle heart energy and connect the body with spirit makes it an invaluable aid for spiritual growth
  7. Precautions 
    • Do not use on children under 12 
    • May cause skin irritation in some individual 
    • Do not use during pregnancy
    • NOT for prolonging used