Arnica oil

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  1. Botanical Name: Arnica montana L. 
  2. Common Uses: 

    • Arnica oil is highly recommended for relieving osteoarthritis pain.
    • Arnica oil is commonly used in massage oils for treatment of muscle aches & pains, spasms, rheumatic pain. It is one of effective natural remedies for muscle soreness 1-2 days after sport or exercise for relieving DOMS (delay onset muscle soreness) conditions.
    • Arnica has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It helps relieving sprains, bruises and swelling due to fractures
    • Arnica oil can help increase local blood circulation, thereby great promoting hair growth
  3. Precautions:
  • Do not apply Arnica on broken skin or opened wounds
  • It may causes allergy in some individuals, do a patch skin test before application