Wheatgerm oil

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Wheatgerm oil, refined
  1. Botanical Name: Triticum vulgare 
  2. Common Uses: 
    • It’s external use only. odourless 
    • Wheatgerm oil is an extremely valuable source of vitamin E. It’s a natural anti-oxidant with long shelf life and added as natural preservative in blending with other carrier oils.  
    • Wheatgerm promotes the formation of skin cells. It’s excellent for scars, injured tissues,aging, dry skin, heals damage skin from excessive exposure to sun and improves circulation and helps relieve symptoms of dermatitis 
    • I recommend to blend with 10% – 15% only due to stickiness texture 
  3. Precautions:

    • Any individual with wheat allergy 
    • Hypersensitive persons may have an allergic reaction too 


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