Aloe Vera oil

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Product Description

  1. Botanical Name:  Aloe barbadensis miller (Liliaceae) family
  2. Common Uses: 
    • All skin type. Aloe vera oil moisturizes the skin and provides many nutrients directly to the skin
    • Pain relief
    • Ale Vera oil is an anti-irritant, well treat to dermatitis conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
    • It has  an anti-inflammatory effect, it reduces swelling and inflammation caused by insect bite
    • It is a good hair care helper. It reduces dry scalp condition, dandruff and fungal scalp infections.
    • Encourage skin rejuvenation, highly recommend to apply on a wound, cut, scrape, cold sore and a bruise. It prompts the skin to heal faster, much more cooling and soothing
  3. Precautions:
    • It may causes allergy in some individual.
    • Some medicines may interact with aloe vera oil.
    • It may irritant on acne skin

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